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Pets ahoy! What’s new with N&G Yacht & Motorboat cover?

At a glance

  • Navigators & General introduces its new Yacht & Motorboat cover, reflecting the changing needs of boat owners and their crew, families and pets
  • N&G is the only boat insurer providing cover for pets’ medical fees resulting from an accident onboard
  • To celebrate the new cover, N&G is launching its #PetsGoBoating social media campaign, encouraging customers to share photos of their pets on boat adventures

Britain has always been a nation of animal lovers, and it seems that many of us can’t bear to be away from our pets even when abroad or at sea. Around a third of British owners are now taking pets on holiday.

Requirements for micro chipping and vaccination under the Pet Travel Scheme have been relaxed slightly in recent years. Owners now only need to wait around three weeks to get pet passports approved, which has encouraged more people to bring their animals on holiday – including waterborne adventures.

Peace of mind for animal lovers

Pets have increasingly become part of the travelling experience, and with summer coming up, boat owners and pets alike will be back out on the water. While many pets have better sea legs than their owners, even the best behaved can land in difficulties when sliding around the deck.

To keep pets happy and safe while on the water, boat owners should consider a number of steps:

  • Bring a lifejacket with handles on the top. If a pet falls overboard, these can be used to help lift it back to the safety of the boat.
  • Familiarise animals with the boat before setting sail. Not all pets will enjoy the water straight away
  • Close hatches to engine rooms or any other area that is potentially dangerous to animals
  • Bring a first-aid kit
  • For longer trips, bring a litter tray or artificial turf and give your pet time to familiarise itself.

N&G is the only insurer that will cover pet medical fees (up to £500) following an accident. Customers can rest assured that, should the worst happen, their pets are in safe hands.

With over 95 years of experience in providing boat insurance we have developed and enhanced our new Yacht & Motorboat cover.

Competitive pricing and straightforward claims

The new cover has been designed for sailing and motorboats up to £1m in value and 23ft and upwards. It has been developed through a combination of direct experience and broker feedback, with N&G now providing a more complete service to customers and their families, guests and pets than ever before.

Competitive and fair pricing is a major priority for customers when selecting a boat insurer. We have more targeted pricing to support new business and renewals to cater specifically for yacht and motorboat owners.. No claims discounts can be reached more quickly and there are no additional administration fees for policy changes or cancellations. N&G has also increased liability to £5m, as standard, and now offers one of the highest levels of personal accident cover available.

We know from experience how important it is that claims are settled quickly and customers get back on the water as soon as possible and our comprehensive claims service puts customers at the heart of the process by allowing freedom to choose local repairers.

The excess is removed and no claims bonus unaffected, when damage is not the fault of the client and if third party details can be obtained. N&G also recognises the work done by charities at sea and will make a donation in the client’s name if there is a rescue by a charitable organisation whilst cruising in UK waters.


To celebrate the new offering, N&G wants customers to share photos of pets enjoying themselves on boat adventures as part of the #PetsGoBoating social campaign. From 15 May until September 2017, N&G will be giving away monthly prizes.

To learn more about our new Yacht & Motorboat cover and protection provided for pets, give us a call on 01273 863 420 or speak with your local Zurich contact

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