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Our enhanced boat cover – for every kind of skipper

At a glance

  • Navigators & General is introducing a new, enhanced Yacht and Motorboat proposition aimed at boat owners who want a variety of different cover
  • The cover is aimed at the wider boat-owning community, and presents increased opportunities for brokers to grow their business
  • Comprehensive cover with improved features and refined pricing, are included in our renewed proposition

Customers are demanding more from marine brokers and insurers, from comprehensive protection and fair, flexible cover, to the best service and support.

How does our new Yacht and Motorboat proposition help brokers?

  • An easy and comprehensive service proposition to help grow your business
  • More targeted pricing, supporting new business and renewals
  • A wider scope of cover and higher limits
  • More flexible approach to underwriting and claims settlement
  • Built on things that matter to the customer
  • It is underpinned by support from passionate, experienced underwriters and claims handlers, backed by the prestige of Zurich
  • Responsive advice given in the face of new business

Navigators & General, a member of Zurich Insurance Group, with more than 95 years’ sailing passion and insurance experience, has responded directly to these demands.

Here, we explain how our new, enhanced Yacht and Motorboat cover is better than ever, for owners and brokers.

Good news for brokers

Our new Yacht and Motorboat cover caters for the broadest possible cross-section of current and prospective boat owners. In doing so, it opens up new customer opportunities for maritime brokers.

Brokers will be able to benefit from our expert support, with access to new and emerging risk insight and information on any future maritime legislation, as well as learning how it affects your customers – enabling you to give them the best possible service. See the boxout for other benefits.

Peace of mind for your customers

We’ve listened to feedback from maritime brokers and their customers to shape our refreshed proposition, and have included a number of new and enhanced features, directly influenced by you.

Suitable, flexible cover

Your customers told us they want bespoke, flexible cover that not only reflects the broad array of vessels that make up the modern boating community, but how they are enjoyed. We have addressed this by:

  • Making underwriting decisions on a boat-by-boat basis
  • Awarding customers the ability to choose more comprehensive racing cover where they need it, on top of standard liability cover
  • Protecting customers who use their tender or dinghy away from their main vessel
  • Removing excess to pay where deemed not at fault and third party details are available
  • Rescue and repatriation regardless of liability for the customer or their guests for up to £50,000

Consistent, competitive pricing

Competitive pricing is a major priority for your customers when selecting their maritime insurer, as is loyalty. Our new yacht and motorboat solution incorporates a number of features that boost our competitiveness and support to customers:

  • A maximum no claims discount of 20% awarded after four years
  • Regular reviews of pricing against the market, so we can deliver the most competitive premiums
  • Significant enhancement of our personal accident cover up to a £25,000 benefit for claims of up to £100,000 (an increase from £15,000 and £60,000 respectively)
  • Cover for liability claims worth up to £5m as standard – an increase of £2m
  • Unspecified personal property now protected by £350 cover per item, compared to £250 previously

A team that really understands

We share your customers’ passion for sailing, so we understand first hand how important it is to feel truly supported in its pursuit.

In recognition of this, our comprehensive cover incorporates a number of new features that will help your customers enjoy their passion, worry-free. It also gives added reassurance that we will be there if things go wrong.

These include:

  • New £50,000 cover for uninsured boaters
  • New £500 medical cover for a customer’s pets
  • Doubling our medical expenses cover, to support you if you, a friend or family member falls ill
  • Cover for customers for electrolysis damage if the vessel has appropriate anodes
  • Liability cover for racing included as standard
  • Customer cover for wear and tear or deterioration on three-year-old vessels or younger, where they have been clearly maintained
  • Enhanced cover for automatic outboards generating up to 20 horse-power
  • Up to £50,000 to cover rescue and evacuation, plus a £100 donation to charity in your customer’s name
  • When the vessel is out of use or has insufficient crew for more than seven days we will cover emergency travel, repatriation and accommodation up to the value of £1,500
  • Temporary substitute yacht provided for a week, for an agreed daily amount, or a replacement vessel
  • Extra cover for your crew, endorsed by the Maritime Labour Convention, of £5,000 for repatriation and £6,000 for wages.

Immediate benefits for existing customers

The good news is if your customer has a yacht or motorboat policy with us they will automatically benefit from the new enhanced cover from 6 January 2017.

To find out more about our new Yacht and Motorboat cover, or to request our marketing materials, call us on 01273 863 420 or email us at enquiries@navandgen.co.uk

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