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Zurich’s Head of Commercial Broker Marketing on the new Insider

John Paul, Head of Marketing, Commercial Broker at Zurich explains how the refreshed Insider website will deliver expertise and business insight to brokers.

Q: Insider has been running for several years – why have you re-launched it?

A: Broker demand has driven the new launch. Brokers need fresh insight and expertise to deliver a competitive edge. And there’s a real challenge here, as brokers are being pressed hard to demonstrate value.

So, the new Insider will provide brokers with timely industry opinion and expert views, which we’re confident will give them practical insights into the key challenges faced by their customers, across various industry sectors.

Brokers will now have control to decide what they receive and how they view it

Q: What are the big changes?

A: Just as consumers get their news and views on the move we’ve looked to innovation in technology and communication to enhance the delivery of content for brokers. Here’s the difference, Insider will now be delivered across every mobile and desktop platform.

Q: Tell us about the new content and how will it benefit brokers?

A: The content will be divided into distinct article categories, delivering different perspectives on a range of industry topics. For example, an Industry Talking Point will look at the big issues of the moment, and examine how they could affect the insurance industry and brokers in particular. On the other hand, Expert Lab is where we’ll share in-depth technical knowledge for specific industries.

Q: Will you cover different industry segments?

A: Our Market Expertise section will have features that focus on Zurich’s industry segment knowledge and yes, this will be across all Commercial and Personal Lines including Zurich Private Clients and Navigators & General.

Q: Will brokers views be heard?

A: Yes, the aim is to be inclusive, our Broker Voice articles will enable brokers to give
their views on cases and challenges within the industry and how that has affected their customers, whilst our interviews will contain insight from our resident Zurich experts. Also, Brokers can get professional advice on improving their business performance in our Business Trends section.

Follow us at @ZurichInsider to keep up to date with the latest insight and articles

We want to know what brokers are thinking about. The new Insider will feature polls, a comments section and other features more commonly found on social networking sites, which will allow brokers to share their thoughts about the big issues affecting them.

Q: Taking the customer view, many brokers work across a number of industries, so how will the new Insider allow them to find the information that is most relevant to them?

A: Insider has been redesigned with this specifically in mind – brokers will now have control to decide what they receive and how they view it. To explain, upon registering for the new Insider, brokers will be able to select the type of content they want, for particular industry sectors. They will also be able to choose how often they receive e- mail updates; weekly, monthly or quarterly, and then the content itself can then be accessed across PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Q: So brokers will be the ‘first to know’?

A: That’s the idea; we will also be using social media, such as Twitter (@ZurichInsider), to keep brokers up to date with the latest insight and articles. For us, it’s all about sharing insights with brokers and learning more about what we can do to help them.

Q: What are your hopes for Zurich Insider?

A: I have three key hopes for Zurich Insider: Firstly, that brokers like the personalisation the website now offers them, secondly, that they enjoy the convenience of the content being available across all devices, such as PCs, tablets and smart phones, and thirdly, I hope that they find real value in the content we provide.

Since coming to Zurich in 1995, John Paul has worked across all markets, including Commercial and Personal Lines. He currently heads up the Commercial Broker marketing team overseeing market research, product and proposition development and marketing communications.


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