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Expertise that’s close at hand

At a glance

  • Zurich's internal structural review now means that brokers will have local access to Financial Lines products.

Brokers across the UK, representing clients of all sizes, will now have local access to our full range of Financial Lines products following an internal structural review.

Zurich has created a single Financial Lines team across its UK businesses providing the ability to offer all of the Financial Lines products written throughout their UK offices. Zurich will also have Line of Business (LOB) Heads based in London working alongside Regional Financial Lines Heads outside London. The LOB Heads will be responsible for setting and developing the appropriate LOB strategy for their Line. They will also operationally manage the London team.

The Regional FL Heads will manage the teams outside of London and will work across all Lines of Business to ensure that Zurich delivers across all Lines in the Regions. The advantage of the new structure and single team is that now brokers can approach any of the team with business of any size or complexity across all of Zurich’s product range.

The Senior Underwriting & Market Management team is as follows:

LOB Heads:

  • George Melides                     D&O/Crime
  • Gail Cook                               Professional Indemnity
  • Christian Colombera             Financial Institutions
  • Justin Ansell                          M&A Insurance Products
  • Jenny Screech                      Legal Professions Manager

Regional FL Heads:

  • Dominick Rogers                   North (Scotland, NI, Manchester, Leeds)
  • Steve Watson                         South (Croydon, Birmingham, Bristol)

Zurich’s Global Corporate business is currently fairly well diversified and the key products include Commercial D&O, Commercial PI, Commercial Crime, Financial Institutions and M&A Products Insurance.

Zurich’s SME and mid-market business is currently very much focused on Professional Indemnity (including Legal Professions) with a small amount of D&O.  The aim is to develop propositions further for D&O, Crime, EPLI, PTL and Financial Institutions to give Zurich a much broader product range to offer its customer and brokers.

As well as increasing the number of Lines of Business written in the mid-market and SME space, Zurich is also now able to write both International Program Business (i.e. UK-domiciled business with overseas exposures) as well as non-UK-domiciled business in this segment.

Creating improved access for regional brokers

In essence, Zurich is trying to bring a more balanced split of Financial Lines business across its three main customer segments: SME, mid-market and Global Corporate. This will provide a fuller service to both our Regional and London brokers, rather than them referring to a different Zurich office. This will be particularly important to brokers outside London, who were previously referred to Zurich’s London office when risks were either too large or had overseas exposures. In essence, brokers will have full access to the range on their doorstep and it allows Zurich to write covers for clients of all sizes locally.

From a technical expertise standpoint, the aim is to have underwriters specialising in each of the different Financial Lines products available in all offices. A significant amount of training has already taken place (with more to follow) to ensure Zurich has the underwriting personnel available on the ground to fulfil such a commitment and deliver its expertise directly to regional brokers.

Similarly, a pilot project has recently been completed to test the company’s systems and processes and make sure that Zurich is able to efficiently deliver this wider suite of products on a national basis. This focus on each of the various lines of business will help develop the expertise available to brokers and broaden the scope of risks they can present and have covered at a local level.

On the back of recent research, it is believed that this will help brokers place more of their risks with Zurich and provide welcome access to new markets. It will also help Zurich focus attention on the individual lines of business in question and improve the Financial Lines services available at a regional level.

If you have queries about these changes, then please speak to your Account Executive.

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