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Customers missing out on best glass repair service

Your customers can receive higher service levels through Zurich on windscreen repair and replacement by contacting our dedicated automotive glass provider – National Windscreens.

Some of your customers are not taking advantage of the service standards that we have in place with our approved supplier, National Windscreens, when their windscreens get chipped or cracked.

Why it is important that you remind your customers to use National Windscreens

Whilst there is a mechanism in place to deal with non-approved supplier invoices through the Quik Quote invoice system, differential excesses may apply if a non-approved supplier is used.

Brokers were informed of this change of supplier back in June 2012, but Zurich is still receiving invoices from other automotive glass companies, suggesting that some of your customers might not be aware of this policy change.

Zurich carried out an extensive review of the automotive glass market to find the best repair and replacement service for its Personal and Commercial Lines, Zurich Municipal and Global Corporate customers.

National Windscreens was chosen, and, effective from July 2012, customers should now contact National Windscreens – but not all drivers are making the most of this service. Brokers should urge all their motor customers to refer to their policy documents.

Why National Windscreens?

National Windscreens was chosen because it is the largest independent automotive glass provider in the UK. With more than 100 branches nationwide and over 800 mobile fitting vehicles, it is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service.

  • Commercial Lines claims number: 08453 002055
  • Personal Lines claims number: 0800 400641

Not only a specialist in windscreen replacement and repair for cars, buses, trucks, vans and plant, National Windscreens is also the leading provider in the fleet market.

Its highly skilled and experienced team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

You can learn more about the service at www.nationalwindscreens.co.uk

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