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Broker feedback sharpens Zurich’s service offering

At a glance

  • Insurer has listened to its brokers and is working hard to improve priority areas, including underwriter contact, quotation response and renewal servicing
  • Zurich is making significant headway on all of these activities
  • Listening to feedback enables Zurich to focus on issues that matter to brokers

Zurich has listened and acted on the valuable feedback received from its brokers, which will continue to drive improvements.

In September and October last year, Zurich repeated its bi-annual service research and questioned more than 500 brokers from across the UK to provide detailed assessments on how the insurer was performing from a service perspective.

Zurich Insider sat down with Nichola Thomson, Operations Director of Zurich Commercial Broker, to discuss the feedback results and explain how the insurer is going to improve its offering further in 2014.

Q: How has the broker feedback helped shape Zurich’s strategy for Commercial Broker in 2014?

A: Firstly, we would like to thank those brokers who took the time out last year to provide us with detailed feedback.

We have been focusing on specific activities, which brokers have previously told us are priority areas and where they have told us we needed to improve.  These include: proactive contact with our underwriters, timely response to quotations and provision of renewal terms sufficiently ahead of renewals.

It is really pleasing to see that we have made significant improvement in these areas, with these generally in excess of the improvements made by our competitors, albeit with still more to do 

Q: What were the key takeaways to come out of the feedback?

A: The most recent feedback from brokers tells us that we need to continue to enhance our service in the areas where we have already shown significant improvement, and we will be working hard during 2014 to ensure that this focus is effectively embedded across our underwriting teams.

We will also be looking to increase our focus on the following elements of our service proposition where brokers tell us we are not meeting their expectations consistently.

Firstly, we will make it easier for them to contact us providing access to named underwriting contacts or decision makers. We will also deliver on their expectations, by meeting deadlines on quotes and submissions wherever possible by having the right dialogue up front. And we will be proactively communicating our risk appetite; both verbally through our sales and underwriting teams, and articulating this more clearly in our marketing collateral.  Where it’s not one for us, we will confirm quickly and explain why.

We always welcome broker feedback and will listen and act upon it wherever possible

Nichola Thomson, Operations Director of Zurich Commercial Broker

Q: In what areas does Zurich stand out from its competitors?

A: Our overall results from the broker survey are very good and we ranked as the top insurer for best overall service. Our expertise and knowledge in both underwriting and claims also shone through.

Of course, we won’t be resting on our laurels and we are always looking to improve in all areas. Brokers, though, are recognising many of the improvements that we are making.

Q: Why is broker feedback so important to Zurich?

A: It helps to ensure that we are focusing on the things that matter. While we do not plan on repeating this service research until the first quarter of 2015, we always welcome broker feedback and will listen and act upon it wherever possible.

So, please feel free to email me directly – nichola.thomson@uk.zurich.com – with any comments, ideas or questions.

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For more information, get in touch

Nichola Thomson | Operations Director, Commercial Broker | 0121 6974405

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