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How is technology fuelling change in construction?

At a glance

  • Despite feeling the strain from the uncertainty caused by Brexit, the UK construction industry is continuing to grow
  • However, with the impact of Brexit, we could see a speed towards off-site construction and robotics
  • We explore some of the new innovative ways of working in the construction industry in partnership with Insurance Business

With uncertainty arising as a result of Brexit and a shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry, firms have begun to innovate turning towards technological advances such as offsite construction and the use of drones onsite. With ever-changing and developing technology in this sector, the associated risks will also evolve alongside these advances.

Setting aside these new evolving risks, the construction industry continues to operate within high-risk environments. The risks are myriad: working onsite, working at height, working in different environments each day, working under different supervision and direction and injury can be easy to come about. In 2016 3% of workers sustained a work related injury which contributed to 2.2million days off that year (Health and Safety Executive report).

Furthermore, those in the industry are often working on third-party sites and in premises where they are exposed to third-parties and their property. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement, and most businesses will be aware of this, but they might not fully understand their potential exposure from injuring a third party or damaging their property when working on a private dwelling house or a shop. This is particularly common for smaller businesses.

Read the full article with Insurance Business.

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