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The Global Risks Report 2020

At a glance

  • We are proud to have contributed to The Global Risks Report 2020 as part of the World Economic Forum
  • The 15th edition of the Global Risks Report identifies and discusses the many challenges and key risks presented in the year ahead
  • From rising geopolitical and geo-economic tension to the human side of global risks, we look at some of the key highlights

For the first time in the history of the Global Risks Perception Survey, environmental concerns dominate the top long-term risks by likelihood.

The Global Risks Report 2020 highlights that polarization and economic stagnation in 2020 will worsen the climate crisis:

  • Unprecedented confluence of climate and ecological breakdown dominate this year’s Global Risks Perception Survey, a survey which asks global experts and decision-makers to rank their top concerns for the next decade.
  • Efforts to address the climate crisis over the next 12 months will be hampered by “economic confrontations” and “domestic political polarization”, short-term risks that will rise in 2020, according to 78% of respondents.
  • Waiting for the geopolitical system to “snap back” would mean missing our last chance to address the world’s most pressing challenges. health systems globally at risk of becoming unfit for purpose.

Find out more by downloading the full report and executive summary below:

The Global Risks Report 2020

The Global Risks Report 2020: Executive Summary

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