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Infographic – the evolving nature of global risks

At a glance

  • The Global Risks Report weighs up the key challenges facing governments, businesses, organisations and communities globally
  • Each year, key risks are ranked according to how likely they are to occur, and what impact they could have
  • Our infographic illustrates how the risks considered most likely to occur have changed over the past decade

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been publishing an annual Global Risks Report for the past 14 years, supported by Zurich as a Strategic Partner.

The Global Risks Report is based on in-depth surveys with WEF stakeholders and members of the Institute of Risk Management, and ranks risks according to impact and likelihood.

As another decade draws to a close, we have created an infographic  illustrating how the likelihood of different global risks has evolved over the past ten years, with some categories of risk declining in prominence, while others rise to take their place.

To find out about the most recent edition of the report, read our article on the Global Risks Report 2019.

Global Risk Report infographic

Image © Getty

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