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What are free helplines really worth?

At a glance

  • Helplines and other value-added services can offer customers valuable guidance and support at no extra cost
  • Zurich's additional services hold huge value in their own right
  • Insurers and brokers need to do more to promote the value of added services and help customers to access them

Providing genuine value for customers is about more than just finding the right cover at the right price. It is also about understanding and meeting customers’ wider business challenges.

One way to achieve this is to access useful and relevant value-added services, such as risk management helplines.

There can be a tendency for value-added services to be treated as something of an afterthought to the primary objective of arranging cover. However, the best value-added services can offer vital support –particularly to small and medium-sized enterprises who may have limited resources – and often reduce the risk of losses occurring in the first place.

Here, we discuss the support we can offer small businesses through our value-added services.

The best of both worlds

Our value-added services include a range of risk management helplines and websites, combining in-house expertise with leading industry knowledge.

These include:

  • A free Risk Management Advice Line, in partnership with Santia Consulting Ltd, covering risk issues relating to property, security, business continuity, environmental challenges, food hygiene and health and safety management
  • Tax advice, business assistance, legal advice, health and medical information, and a counselling service through DAS Helplines
  • Online legal documents and support via DAS Businesslaw

What are value-added services worth?

Our helplines and online services are designed for risks that any small business could face.

However, many simply view these as standard additions, rather than having significant value in their own right.

Having awareness of, and access to, these services can assist customers in understanding some of the risks in a way they probably haven’t done so before,”
Paul Tombs, Head of Package and e-Trading, Zurich

Many businesses have minimal access to expert-level risk management support.

Paul Tombs, Head of Package and e-Trading, Zurich, says: “The biggest benefit of our value-added services is that most smaller customers in particular could not afford to pay for these services separately, and therefore may not fully understand some of the risks that they face.

“Small businesses are always on the lookout for new opportunities and want to be nimble. Having awareness of, and access to, these services can assist customers in understanding some of the risks in a way they probably haven’t done so before, helping them to make the most out of new opportunities.

“The challenge for insurers and brokers is to do more to promote the value of additional services to customers when they are looking for cover.

“The best way to reduce any disruption to a small business is by preventing it from happening and not just solely relying on the insurance cover. If customers take advantage of these services, they will also be more prepared in the event of a loss, and could reduce the impact or even prevent it from happening in the first place.”

Our full range of value-added services for SMEs

As well as the helplines and online support outlined above, the value-added services available to our SME customers include:

You can find out more about our SME products and services in our interactive guide, or for more information, speak to your local Zurich contact.

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