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How cyber savvy are SMEs?

At a glance

  • Businesses dealing with the fall-out from data leaks or cyber hacks continue to make headlines
  • All businesses have a duty to keep data secure, and the ramifications of not doing so can cause severe legal, financial and reputational damage
  • Our ‘Practical guide to data and cyber security’, commissioned by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, is a must-read for all SMEs seeking to manage their data security

With major companies such as Apple and HSBC showing they are not immune to cyber hacking, SMEs are justifiably worried about the cost of data leaks. All businesses in the modern commercial environment, big or small, extensively use electronic and non-electronic data to run their operations and interact with others, with clear benefits for boosting their effectiveness.

But are they effectively mitigating the associated risks?

SME customers should take appropriate steps to protect the data they hold and process. The ramifications of not doing so can be severe – legally, financially and reputationally.

We’ve been working with the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, to create a practical guide to data and cyber security that’s a must-read for small businesses.

Download the practical guide to data cyber-security.

If you have any questions about cyber risk management, please speak with your local Zurich contact.

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