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Coronavirus: Our Guiding Principles

At a glance

  • At this time of exceptional challenge for our country and the world, we are committed to playing our part by supporting those who need us
  • Tulsi Naidu, CEO, Zurich Insurance UK, explains the steps we are taking during this difficult period
  • To our customers, distributors, partners and colleagues, we are following three simple principles during the coronavirus outbreak.

To our customers, distributors, partners and colleagues

At Zurich, we are privileged to have served our customers and communities in the UK for over a hundred years. At this time of exceptional challenge for our country and the world, we are committed to playing our part by supporting those who need us. We have provided detailed answers to questions you may have about our policy terms and the various services we have made available. These can be found here.

We are following three simple principles

We will do our very best to be flexible…

…in the way we operate and in our approach to terms and conditions. This could take many forms, for example accepting electronic documents without the need for wet signatures, relaxing the usual insurance requirements for Home, Motor and Travel customers and waiving non-occupancy requirements for our commercial property customers.

There will be times when, despite our best efforts, we might be limited by our systems or by the very nature of being a regulated risk business. We will, however, be relentless in finding ways to overcome barriers and provide much-needed support.

We will support our customers and distributors with excellent service

We recognise that this is a very unusual time for all of our customers and distributors; and to help make things a little bit better, we are committed to providing a high standard of service. In the UK, Zurich’s well-established flexible working culture has proved vital during this crisis, as it has meant transition to an almost entirely home-working employee base has been seamless. As a result, the impact on our customers, distributors and partners has been minimal and we have managed to successfully continue ‘business as usual’.

We also still have a number of employees on the road; and we are immensely proud of our engineer surveyors who continue to inspect critical infrastructure equipment in the NHS, fire services and social housing. We are ensuring our customers can communicate with us through a variety of channels, and our employees are fully trained to help customers who may be in vulnerable circumstances, including those experiencing financial difficulties.

Above all, we strive to be responsive and easy to deal with.

We will use our expertise and resources to help the communities in which we live

Through the Zurich Community Trust, we have allocated a £1.7 million package of financial and volunteer support for our partner charities most affected by the Coronavirus; and we are running a campaign to secure employee donations to the National Emergencies Trust appeal.

We are making our risk engineering expertise freely available on our dedicated Coronavirus website pages and we will keep adding resources as we develop them.

We have donated over 300,000 masks to the NHS and Emergency Services across the UK, provided three month free extension to our small charity customers and have made our Safer Schools app – which educates schools and families about staying safe online – to all of our Zurich Municipal school customers.

We will look for every opportunity to do more.

The world around us will change as a result of the events we are experiencing now. We are optimistic about our ability to get through this period to reach a better future; but we are also realistic about the very difficult period we have to navigate in the short term. We see it as our duty and our role to do everything we can to make a difference and approach this unprecedented crisis in the spirit of partnership, unity and collaboration.

Tulsi Naidu

CEO, Zurich Insurance UK


For more information and online support and answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Coronavirus help and support pages.

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