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Childcare during Covid-19 closures: Safeguarding Risks and Implications

At a glance

  • During this unprecedented time, businesses may have needed to reduce staffing levels or indeed close sites/ businesses altogether
  • This has a significant impact on employees’ and their own families, especially regarding their ability to care for vulnerable dependants and in the case of children – to educate them
  • We have created this document to provide you with some guidance on the safeguarding implications of these new working conditions and our advice for ensuring the safety of your employees and their families.

We are here to help you.

The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is unprecedented and we understand this is an incredibly difficult time for families and organisations. One concern that is at the forefront of our minds is the continued safety of children and young people who are no longer able to attend school due to closures.

It’s vital to ensure that organisations are aware of all the safeguarding risks associated with distance learning and children in the workplace. We are here to help our customers who are affected by the impact of Covid-19 in these challenging times and have created this guide on some of the safeguarding risks and implications.

This guide covers the following topics:
1. School Closures
2. Childcare in the Workplace
3. Homeworking

To download our guide, click here.

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