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Are value-added services the answer?

At a glance

  • Value-added services open the door to expertise that small businesses wouldn’t ordinarily have access to
  • Without these services, SMEs would be unlikely to have the resources to manage an incident alone
  • We explore with Insurance Business how value added services can make a difference

For businesses facing today’s complex landscape of risks, taking out insurance is about more than just securing the right cover at the right price – for SMEs in particular, access to value-added services can provide crucial support to protect a business.

There is certainly no lack of concerns for businesses today, from emerging risks such as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the threat of cyber-attacks, to mainstays like the risk of fire and flood to physical premises.

For SMEs, the reality of these threats can be devastating as if a small business encounters an unexpected event, there is often an immediate impact on their business. Often they don’t have the scale or resources to deal with something in the way that a bigger company would.

Value-added services open the door to expertise that SMEs wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. Without these, they would be unlikely to have the resources to manage an incident alone.

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