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Covid-19: Supporting a team member who has experienced loss

At a glance

  • Managers roles as a people leader will be more important than ever during these times
  • Although you can’t currently see your team member face-to-face, there’s still ways to show your support
  • Through this guide we will provide you with some pointers on how to navigate these difficult conversations in the sad event that you need to have them.

As the number of those contracting coronavirus continues to increase at a steady rate, it’s likely to spark fears, worry and anxiety for our colleagues. When we say this, we know this isn’t just the fear of getting ill ourselves, but the worry for others including friends, loved ones and family members or those that potentially carry higher risks because they are more vulnerable.

The loss of someone close is painful, but with the current measures in place surrounding Covid-19, it means that our people likely face further trauma. This may be due to being unable to be with loved ones in their final moments or to potentially say their goodbyes. Another factor may be the inability to seek comfort through others in the same way as usual. All of this may have a profound and potentially significant impact for them.

For help on how to deal with a team member who has experienced loss, including guidance for managers, click here: Experience of Loss Guidance

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