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Covid-19: A new world of 24/7 relationships

At a glance

  • As we continue to navigate through difficult times, this could be placing pressure on your relationship or magnifying issues you’d normally overlook
  • In addition, many parents have taken on a new role as teachers for their children, changing the dynamic of that relationship
  • Whilst restrictions are still in place, there are some proactive steps to keep our relationships with ourselves and others healthy.

Changes to both our personal and professional lives have forced us all to establish what our ‘temporary new normal’ looks and feels like. Whether this has involved looking inwards, or reflecting on our relationships with partners, family, friends, housemates or children, it’s been tough going for many of us. With constant news, change and ongoing worry about COVID-19, it’s no wonder some of us have struggled at times. And then adding to that heavy list of worries, the fact that many of us aren’t used to spending quite so much time at home or together every day.

Whether it’s home schooling whilst working, feeling more isolated if you live alone or you took the decision to move back home for the time being with parents or close family members – whatever situation you’re in, remember you’re not alone in feeling the strain of social distancing measures on your relationships, both with yourself and others. The good news is, we’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel with the government’s latest update and phased plan to start to ease some of the current lockdown and social distancing measures.

This’ll undoubtedly provide many of us with some positive hope for the future. In the meantime there are still some proactive steps to keep our relationships with ourselves and others healthy, to avoid them buckling under the pressure.

Take a look through our guide, New world of 24-7 relationships, for some helpful hints.

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