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SME insurance your brokerage can rely on

At a glance

  • At Zurich we know that speed is key to staying competitive
  • As of this week we have launched our SME Property Owners product on Acturis
  • Now it’s even easier for you to quote, buy and renew SME business with Zurich

At Zurich we know that speed is key to staying competitive. Getting the best quote for your customer as quickly as possible gives you the best chance of winning their business.

Getting the right cover

SMEs are among the fastest growing businesses in the private sector according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). At the start of 2016 SMEs accounted for 99% of all UK businesses in this sector, with 15.7million employees. One of the challenges both insurers and brokers face is that SMEs can rapidly grow and change the dynamics of their business very quickly. It’s vital that brokers use their expertise to help their customers get the right cover for their business even as they grow and evolve.

In order to capitalise on the expanding SME sector, insurers and brokers have to continually adjust their offerings to meet changing customer expectations.

Our SME Package products offer complete protection to give both you and your customer peace of mind. Our robust covers can be altered to cover each niche SME business, for example employers liability can easily be added to a commercial property product if the customer employs a cleaner or caretaker.

Making claims easy

But it’s not all about just getting the cover in the first place, that cover has to protect your customer in the event of a claim. Zurich’s Risk Index survey shows that SMEs believe insurers only pay out on 61% of claims. This entrenched skepticism can be challenging for both brokers and insurers to overcome.

“As a sector, we must work harder to counter such perceptions, demonstrating our value and integrity where it matters – especially when claims occur,” says Paul Tombs, Head of SME Insurance Zurich UK. At Zurich we are proud to have paid 99% of Commercial claims in 2016 amounting to approximately £2bn.

Our commitment to paying claims is a vital part of our business and with our pioneering stance on the Insurance Act 2015 both you and your customer can rest assured the claim will be treated fairly. We ‘opted-out’ of the proportionate reduction of claim remedy. Rather than reducing a claim proportionally, we have instead decided to charge the additional premium that we would have charged if we had known the relevant material facts and pay any claim(s) in full.

For more information about our stance on the Insurance Act click here.

An enhanced platform

Central to helping Brokers win business in the SME space has been the development of our ZTrade platform. Crucially, we collect monthly feedback from users and constantly improve our service in response.

There’s never been a better time to use ZTrade. It’s now more straightforward than ever before to grow your business with packages specially designed for SMEs.

We cover an extensive range of SME businesses, to help your customers to protect their livelihoods. Our extensive suite of 13 products are all available on ZTrade click here to find out more about these products and our appetite.

Additionally, our recent functionality updates make it quicker and easier to get quotes, renew and write SME business with Zurich.

Click here to watch our video to learn more about our SME proposition. 

Now available on Acturis

We recognise that keeping pace with your SME customers could still be a challenge that’s why we’re pleased to announce that we have launched our Property Owners (covering residential and commercial property owners),  Shop and Salon, and Trades and Professions products on Acturis.

Now it’s even easier for you to quote, buy and renew SME business with Zurich. To find out more about our products on Acturis and ZTrade download our interactive guide: Trading SME business electronically with Zurich.

Log in to ZTrade, find us on Acturis or you can find out more about our SME products and services in our interactive guide, or for more information, speak to your local Zurich contact.

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