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Managing risk from every perspective

At a glance

  • Zurich Risk Panorama is a new insurance tool providing corporations with insights into how best to master their risks – viewed in an easy-to-navigate application
  • Full of interactive charts, tables and statistics, Zurich Risk Panorama gives a flavour of the insurer’s analytical prowess
  • The tool spans fundamental risk-management topics and demonstrates Zurich’s wide range of expertise

In the insurance world, a revolution is taking place. A large amount of previously untapped data is being harnessed, to provide corporations with a better understanding of their risk profiles – translating into improved decision making and performance.

Zurich is keen to be part of this push into analytics, making sense of the variety and sheer volume of new information.

From spotting emerging industry risks, to detailed claims analysis, or simply drilling down to mitigate risk for an individual organisation and its operations – Zurich has developed a range of risk-management solutions to allow corporations to operate with greater confidence to achieve their goals.

Until now, this information – which can also include the mapping of supply chains, a better understanding of the regulatory landscape, and the likelihood of exposure to various weather perils – was not being aggregated in one place for Zurich customers. The launch of Zurich Risk Panorama changes this, offering a one-stop-shop for customers looking to better understand their risk profile, and achieving this through a series of tailored, interactive and dynamic analyses.

“With this new tool, we are – if you like – offering a teaser to our main risk-management and customer platforms,” says David Roberts, Global Relationship Leader, Zurich Global Corporate UK at Zurich Global Corporate.

“It’s an overview of our main outputs, allowing customers to see the value of our insight in one easily accessible place. It is our first real foray into big data management.”

Analytical prowess

Big data may be a term that is bandied about in business circles, but Zurich – one of the world’s largest insurance groups, covering 42 lines of business and 180 countries – collects data in abundance. Its Risk Panorama tool perfectly showcases the power of the insurer’s analytical prowess.

Zurich Risk Panorama highlights risk-management information, which is then tailored to each organisation, on an ‘app-like’ page – full of interactive charts, graphs and statistics.

Zurich Risk Panorama is an overview of our main outputs, allowing customers to see the value of our insight in one easily accessible place”

David Roberts, Global Relationship Leader, Zurich Global Corporate UK at Zurich Global Corporate

“The early interactions with customers have been incredibly positive,” says David. “The tool allows customers to quickly benchmark against their industry sector and Zurich’s Global database.

“Many are so impressed that they want to unearth and understand more of what they are seeing within the application. It is also helping them change their focus on how they structure their insurance programmes.”

Eventually, Zurich Risk Panorama will offer a window into even more of Zurich’s extensive insight.

“We are still at the beginning of what we can do with this tool,” says David. “There are a series of improvements planned for 2015 and 2016, and the tool will only get better. We aim to bring risk insight straight to the customer.”

To find out more about using Zurich Risk Panorama to help make your business more resilient, please contact: David Roberts at david.1.roberts@zurich.com 07875 886 833 (mobile)

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