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Managing D&O risk in the construction sector

At a glance

  • In a fast-changing regulatory environment, it is important directors and officers have a clear understanding of the risks they could be exposed to personally
  • Major insolvencies, such as Carillion, can have multiple implications for D&O coverage
  • Directors and senior executives need to have a clear understanding of if, and how, they would be indemnified in the event of insolvency

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D&O insurance is varied and, in complex cases, like Carillion and Grenfell, standard D&O cover may not be adequate. Two very different disasters, both have led to demands for increased accountability for those involved in major construction projects.

This infographic provides directors and officers with a checklist of questions they can use to better understand if they have appropriate cover.

To download a PDF of the infographic, please click here.

For more information on how to manage risk in the construction sector, visit our Zurich for Brokers Construction page or speak to your usual Zurich contact.

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