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Flash response to flooding

At a glance

  • The UK is seeing some of the worst storms on record
  • Claims are the most important aspect of an insurer's service
  • We are constantly working to ensure our customers receive the best possible claims outcomes

With the UK now experiencing the worst flooding on record, claims teams must be able to handle huge surges in activity when the weather turns sour. When severe flooding occurs, it is important that claims are not only managed, but that we deliver the best possible outcomes for each and every customer.

Here are just some of the ways that we are constantly improving to help you and your customers manage and respond to flood risk.

Responding quickly brings earlier resolution

Delays are not only frustrating for customers and brokers, but can end up significantly increasing the cost of a claim.

We monitor the weather 24/7 to give us early warnings of potential events. This allows us to properly prepare for potential events, putting staff on amber alert and arranging for extra resources where they might be needed.

We use dedicated project managers and specialist contractors to help customers recover as quickly as possible. For example, drying out a property is a major part of the recovery process, so we strive to start this as quickly as possible, utilising the latest techniques and technologies.

Our proactive and flexible approach minimises disruption for customers, and can often be the difference between returning to a property within a matter of days rather than months.

Dedicated handlers and choice for customers

Property claims have many complex moving parts, requiring careful coordination to achieve the best outcome. Our dedicated handlers take ownerships from notification to closure, ensuring customers get a consistent point of reference and a person with a thorough understanding of their claim.

In conjunction with this, we are also constantly training and authorising more of our claims handlers to settle claims directly, resulting in faster decision-making.

We put customers at the heart of the claims process, empowering them to make decisions about how the claim is dealt with. For example, we give customers the choice of a cash settlement, using their own contractor, or using one of our experienced contractor partners.

Training claims people to reach their potential

Our claims personnel receive extensive training to prepare them for real-world claims situations. New team members first go through our six-month Claims Academy programme, further bolstered by our Licence to Handle training programme – a CII-accredited modular scheme which leads to professional qualifications.

Licence to Handle comprises two phases, the first of which is a week-long course and includes training and testing on topics such as cover, fraud, reserving, repudiation and recoveries. Phase two is then tailored to the precise technical processes and capabilities required for each grade of claims handler.

For more information please speak with your local Zurich contact.

You can also find out more and access helpful guides and insight with our new Flood Risk Resource.

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