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Supporting community and social organisations in managing risk

At a glance

  • Pressure on community and social organisations is mounting due to rising demand for their services as well as cuts to funding and donations
  • Increased use of volunteers ramping up risks for these organisations
  • Zurich offers excellent risk solutions which extends beyond insurance alone

They say that charity begins at home. For community and social organisations, this has never been truer, as many are in need of increased support following a period of austerity and at a time when demand for their services is rising.

Community and social organisations, made up of both non-profit and for-profit entities such as national charities and community groups, have been in much demand in recent years following the ?Big Society? election pledge from the Conservative party in 2010, which aimed to create a climate that empowered people and communities.

C&SO graphic

Zurich’s Community and Social Organisations products

This changing landscape has enabled community and social organisations to grow in stature but recent budget cuts, as well as declining revenue from donations, mean that these groups are now having to rely more and more on volunteers to represent them in delivering their services and have less time and resource to keep abreast of the increasing risks their organisations face.

Complex environment

This is where an insurer can become more than a product provider, working with a customer’s chosen broker to provide practical support in managing risk, providing traditional risk transfer products and also risk management guidance on areas including occupational health and safety, business continuity, the legal and regulatory environment and crisis management.

As a leading UK insurer, Zurich is on hand to help support this broad range of organisations from national charities and care and retirement providers through to exhibition centres, galleries and zoological societies, in navigating their way through the complex risk environment and providing the insurance protection they need both now and in the future.

Supported by experienced underwriting, claims and risk experts, Zurich offers a comprehensive solution to these organisations, which have annual turnovers of between £5 million and £300 million.

“Community and social organisations face a difficult environment, from financial pressures to maintaining revenues and increased resource required to keep pace with business risks,” said David Christy, Zurich’s National Corporate Development Manager.

“This mounting pressure can increase the exposure an organisation has to risks such as a major incident or loss, a growing trend of liability claims and damage to their brand and reputation.

Community and social organisations face a difficult environment, from financial pressures to maintain revenues and increased resource required to keep pace with business risks faced

David Christy, Zurich’s National Corporate Development Manager

“The potential impact of damage to an organisation’s reputation cannot be underestimated. For example, a lot rides on the public’s perception of a charity. It can determine if someone decides to make a donation or not, or whether they want to contribute their time as a volunteer.”

Small market

In a relatively small market, brokers have tended to turn to niche insurance providers in the past for this type of cover but Zurich can add extra value to community and social organisations whether through guidance on the implications of health and safety legislation, practical solutions to help them manage and mitigate the risks they face through to expert support should the worst happen in helping an organisation recover quickly in the event of a major loss.

“Zurich has extensive experience in managing claims regardless of the complexity,” said David. “We always aim to provide quick and efficient handling of small claims and we have dedicated major loss teams on hand, if catastrophe strikes. In addition, our overall risk proposition extends beyond insurance alone offering practical support for community and social organisations across a wide range of risks.”

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For more information, get in touch

Duncan Calder | Practice Manager | 07764 282 050

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