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24-hour disaster recovery

At a glance

  • The actions taken in the first few critical hours following a disaster can make the difference between a customer going out of business or getting back on their feet
  • Brokers can gain a major competitive advantage by offering a service that gives customers the best chance of recovery
  • Zurich, partnered with First Recovery, offers a recovery service as standard on SME policies

A major incident can disrupt communication channels, render a workspace inhabitable, or destroy important data. Such disruptions can severely limit an organisation’s ability to continue trading if not dealt with immediately, and effectively a business may never fully recover following a large loss.

Zurich has partnered with First Recovery, the UK’s leading disaster recovery specialist. First Recovery aims to get customers back to business within 24 hours of a major loss, and in 12 years of operation it has a 100% success rate in doing so.

First Recovery

From providing fully-furnished offices as near as possible to the business premises where the damage has occurred, to offering a fully-configured network of PCs and telephone services, First Recovery offers help and assistance at every stage of a major loss event.

Paul Jackson, Director at First Recovery, says: “While we work with other insurers, Zurich is the only one of the big five to include our services as a standard feature on its policies. So this can be a real competitive advantage for brokers in today’s marketplace.”

However, effective risk management goes beyond the simple purchase of insurance. An important aspect for brokers to consider is how an insurer can work with them to minimise the loss that their customers could suffer.

It is only when a crisis occurs that a customer’s insurance arrangements are really put to the test. Brokers should ensure they are offering their customers an effective claims service, and one that gives them the best chance of recovery.

First recovery

How can First Recovery help your SME customers?

Following a major incident, customers, suppliers and employees will have their own pressures, and often cannot wait in the hope that a business will recover. It is therefore important to restore former capabilities, such as office space and communication channels, as quickly as possible. This can re-establish continuity to a business’s operations and reassure stakeholders of the organisation’s continued ability to trade.

“Communication should be the absolute first priority,” says Paul. “If anyone connected to your business hears that you’ve had an issue, you need to ensure important functions such as phones, email and your website are restored as soon as possible. If you cannot communicate with key stakeholders, then things can quickly get out of control.

“A recruitment company in Birmingham suffered a major flood and was relocated by First Recovery to a standby recovery facility in the same postcode within 24 hours.

Communication should be the absolute first priority. If you cannot communicate with key stakeholders then things can quickly run out of control.”
Paul Jackson, Director at First Recovery





“Brokers want to offer a great claims service to their customers, and what First Recovery is doing, in partnership with Zurich, is giving customers the best possible chance of getting back on their feet following a crisis.”

A recent survey by Evolve IP found that more than half of executives and IT professionals questioned believe they are only “somewhat prepared” to recover their IT and related assets following a major incident, despite the obvious risks to a business of not getting back on its feet as quickly as possible following a major incident.

Zurich offers First Recovery free to all its SME customers who have property and business interruption insurance. Brokers can get quick and easy quotations on these policies by visiting ZTrade or speaking with their local Zurich contact.

Find out more and access helpful guides and insight with our new Fire and Flood Risk Resources.

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