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Whiplash caps could mean cheaper insurance premiums

At a glance

  • The Government has announced its consultation to crack down on whiplash claims
  • Motorists in England and Wales could see a reduction in their insurance
  • The Association of British Insurers (ABI) supports the decision to back honest motorists

The announcement of the Government’s long awaited consultation on Friday 18 November to crackdown on whiplash claims is welcome news at Zurich.

As far back as 2011, it was recognised that there was a dysfunctional motor insurance market and the consultation marks an important step in tackling the compensation culture that, despite previous reform, still exists in the UK.

We look forward to participating in this consultation and ensuring that we continue to provide redress where genuine accident and injury has occurred. However, Whiplash has increasingly become seen as the ‘fraud of choice’ for many and we are therefore pleased to see efforts to reduce these claims which are funded by all motorists.

While we look forward to seeing the finer details of these proposals, we have also seen other commonplace personal injury costs rise in employers’ and public liability claims. We believe there needs to be a wider debate on what sort of compensation system our society is willing to pay for. The consultation on Whiplash is a start but we also support Lord Justice Jackson’s proposals to implement a fixed costs regime for civil litigation which would control costs and promote access to justice.

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