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Zurich moves commercial vehicle cover up a gear with up to 40% savings

At a glance

  • Zurich is looking at its pricing factors for commercial vehicle cover to give its products a more competitive edge

Zurich is hugely experienced in commercial markets and we’ve been a key player in the non-fleet market for many years.

There’s always room for improvement, so we’ve taken a detailed look at a number of our pricing factors for commercial vehicle cover to give our products a more competitive edge. We have fed these into some enhancements and delivered a sustainable and real reduction in premiums in the key areas we want to trade in. So now you can offer your clients the best deal from Zurich.

Ease of use and speed of trading

If ease of use and speed of trading are what you’re expecting from an FCEDI system and policy administration service then Zurich has the answer for business car and commercial vehicle. We have teamed up with Broker Direct to bring this to our brokers, with Zurich’s expertise at its core.

Russell Corbould-Warren, Head of SME Underwriting, said of the revamped proposition: “This is the most efficient way for brokers to trade business car and commercial vehicle insurance with Zurich. For just a few minutes’ work, you can get your clients the best prices.”

It’s easy to turn this on if you haven’t done so already, just speak with your Zurich sales representative or call the Broker Direct Helpdesk on 01204 600 345.

The key benefits

  • Zurich’s awards winning claims service is there for your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the end of the phone
  • Protected no claims discount
  • High levels of cover
  • Our approved repairer network will be able to start repairs faster to get your customers back on the road sooner

What have we looked at?

  • Postcode analysis has delivered an average rate reduction of 10%, with most areas benefitting from lower prices
  • We’ve also looked at the age of drivers and linked that to our risk based pricing, reducing rates on average by 20% for customers in our target 35-54 year old age group
  • And we’ve taken another look at claims history and patterns then we’ve been able to feed that knowledge into better targeted pricing and increased no claims discounts
  • Collectively these changes have resulted in some pricing reductions, for the right risks of as much as 40%
  • Since the changes came into effect, new business conversion has already increased by 100%

Who is this suited to?

If you have customers with non-haulage, single vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes then you should take a look at our prices. We’ll accept many types of commercial vehicles including car derived vans, transit types, pick-ups and small lorries as well as business use cars.

So if you haven’t tried us for some time then please do check out our sharper prices. And if you’re not switched onto our business car and commercial vehicle products, then either speak with Broker Direct’s Helpdesk on 01204 600 345 or ask your Zurich sales representative to help you.

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For more information, get in touch

Broker Direct Helpdesk | | 01204 600 345

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