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What do brokers think about Zurich?

At a glance

  • Zurich Global Corporate UK (GCUK) is committed to addressing the concerns of its major broker partners
  • As part of its Broker Stewardship Programme, GCUK has conducted over 100 interviews with members of five broking houses
  • The interview responses will be used to drive real improvements in the relationship GCUK has with its brokers

The chances are that at least one of the websites you regularly visit will have invited you to take part in an online survey at some point.

While such surveys have their place, they cannot achieve the same level of qualitative insight that comes from face-to-face conversations.

Zurich understands this fundamental truth, which is why it decided to carry out a major programme of research with members of five broking houses.

Building relationships

The objective was to find out what Aon, Marsh, Willis, JLT and Lockton thought about GCUK’s current performance, and to identify ways in which this could be improved.

Over 100 face-to-face interviews have been conducted and the insights gathered will enable Zurich to identify areas for improvement and to form an action plan that will be shared with brokers later this year.

I am delighted with the great response we have had from Brokers to our Stewardship programme. We now feel we have a greater understanding of how we are performing, plus some clear areas of improvement.”

Vinicio Cellerini, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Global Corporate UK

The programme of interviews was organised by Luciano Prete, Broker Development Manager with Zurich Global Corporate UK.

The idea behind the interviews was to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Key brokers’ priorities
  • How we perform against those priorities
  • How to improve our current performance
  • How we perform against our peers

To get a proper cross-function view, placement, customer management, claims and operations within each broking house were surveyed.

Positive feedback

“Having personally conducted ten of these interviews, I know that brokers are happy with the approach we have taken,” said Luciano. “Sometimes brokers are asked to complete a quick online survey, but they don’t really like that approach because it’s impersonal and in most of the cases doesn’t translate into real improvement actions.

“We were quite clear at the outset that this process must add value for brokers by improving our overall service proposition to them.”

Qualitative insight

The interviews took the form of a questionnaire, which was part quantitative and part qualitative.

The key driver behind the recent Broker Stewardship process was to understand how those that deal with Zurich on a day-to-day basis view our engagement and service performance, from prospect meetings through to underwriting and claims delivery.”

Caroline Pritchard, Head of Customer, Distribution & Marketing, Zurich Global Corporate UK

Brokers were asked to give Zurich a score out of ten for its performance in a particular area, while the qualitative element of the interview allowed them to expand on their answers and give better insight.

The questions covered all major areas of service –for example one concerning Zurich’s capability and scale, another surrounding claims handling, another around personnel and so on – to help Zurich gain a 360 degree view of its performance across all departments.

The majority of the interviews took place during the July and August renewal period. Luciano said: “We would like to thank all the brokers for giving up their time during such a busy period and we are very grateful for their support.”

Next steps

Zurich GCUK hopes to repeat the interview process on a regular basis, however, this will happen after the improvement areas identified during this round of interviews have been addressed.

The idea was to get a 360-degree view of what people within a broking house think about us.”

Luciano Prete, Broker Development Manager, Zurich Global Corporate UK

Luciano said: “This process has been really well received, but the most important thing is what happens next. It’s extremely important that we action on the feedback received.

“If we don’t follow it up properly, it will probably be the first and last exercise we do, because people will not want to give up their time again.

“We will therefore be absolutely clear with brokers on what the improvement areas are, and equally clear on what we are going to do to address them.”

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