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What civil litigation reform means for your clients

At a glance

  • Your customers will need to learn new processes for personal injury claims following the Ministry of Justice’s impending civil litigation reform

The Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) impending reform of civil litigation, set to be enacted in April, means that both you and your customers will need to adhere to new processes for dealing with personal injury claims. 

Depending on their level of risk awareness, customers may not yet fully understand the changes occurring in personal injury (PI) litigation. From your own point of view, many EL and PL policyholders will be affected, which means you must be proactive now to learn what the implications are, and to help communicate these to your customers.

To help you prepare, our claims experts have produced the first in a new series of updates. This Zurich claims technical factsheet covers the key elements of the MOJ reforms. Look out for these Risk Insights, which will help you to better understand what is ‘in-scope’, what is ‘out of scope’, the timescales, the insurance repercussions and Zurich’s involvement.

At Zurich, we are committed to supporting you with professional expertise in risk advice.

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