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Top 5 broker influencers on Twitter

At a glance

  • Social media is increasingly important for today’s insurance broker, with Twitter proving particularly useful for many businesses
  • Insider looks at five of the most influential brokers on Twitter and how they are using the tool to enhance their business’s marketing efforts
  • Maintaining a positive online reputation is essential for brokers and their customers. Zurich’s partnership with Reputation.com can help

Getting to grips with social media is increasingly important for today’s insurance broker. These tools can be an excellent means of reaching new customers, serving existing ones, and publicising your brokerage’s offering and expertise.

Websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are now likely to feature somewhere in many business’s marketing strategies. In fact, almost half (42%) of insurance brokers say they are now actively using these sites, with 20% reporting that their involvement has produced genuinely useful business leads.

Twitter, in particular, has seen great success with businesses, and it is easy to see why – with 42% of Twitter users claiming to use the site to find out about products and services, and 67% saying that they are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter.

We’ve scoured the web to put together our list of the individual brokers who use Twitter most effectively. Each offers some great examples of how social media can be used as part of a business’s marketing efforts.

Richard Jones


Richard primarily uses Twitter to promote his brokerage’s blog posts, which aim to inform customers about different insurance issues and how they might affect them.

With his business specialising in coach and bus insurance, many of these posts are motor related, effectively publicising his business’s expertise in this area.

James Miller


James is an excellent example of a broker who posts a wide variety of content, including news items, blog posts, marketing messages and general discussion topics.

He is particularly good at trying to engage with his followers, by doing things such as retweeting other users’ posts, and frequently thanking those who interact with his content.

Chris Knight


Chris shows that insurance brokers on Twitter don’t have to post only insurance-based content to gain a loyal following. He uses Twitter particularly well for networking, promoting events he might attend, or retweeting others’ posts.

Chris also posts information about each of his successful renewals. This does an effective job of reminding followers of the wide variety of products and industries his business is capable of dealing with.

Laura Upton


Laura is the Principal and founder of a brokerage specialising in rural and equestrian insurance. A keen horse rider herself, Laura’s Twitter feed mixes insurance information with topics that are of general interest to her target market.

Her posts demonstrate a great knowledge and interest in her specialist areas, successfully establishing herself as an authority in her niche.

Laura also makes great use of the ‘pinned tweet’ feature, enabling her business’s marketing message and contact details to stay at the top of her feed and in plain sight for all who visit her page.

Colin Halliday


Colin commands the largest following and social authority score of any UK broker on Twitter, putting him firmly at the top of our list.

His posts are an even mix of marketing messages and general commentary – with topics ranging from his business’s insurance capabilities, to his views on latest government policies, and even the successes and failures of his fantasy football team.

Colin certainly embraces Twitter’s ability to humanise business communications. He puts his personality out there so that customers know they are dealing with a real person, and not just another insurance broking business.

Social authority is a 1 to 100 point scale that measures how influential a user’s content is on Twitter. Higher social authority scores indicate successful marketing strategies that should be analysed and imitated.

Source: moz.com

“My advice to brokers considering using Twitter is to do it, and soon,” says Colin. “If you don’t have a social media presence, then you are missing out on potential business. Nowadays, people use search engines, and if you are not on those search results then you are not going to get their business.

“You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an online presence, as I have discovered. However, it is essential to have a strategy, and not one that just involves saying the same thing over and over.

“Insurance is a people business, so it is important that the messages I send out let people know I am a real person, with a personality, not a corporate robot.”

Online reputation

The success of our Twitter experts shows businesses the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation. More than half of British companies have fallen victim to malicious reviews or criticism online, costing one in five organisations as much as £30,000 to put right.

Social media has the capacity to broadcast negative commentary very quickly to a very large audience, making it essential for brokers to take care when choosing what to post online.

To help, Zurich has teamed up with Reputation.com – the world’s leading provider of online reputation products and services – to offer their services free of charge to qualifying brokers. Brokers are encouraged to take advantage of this benefit to help distinguish their offering from their competitors.

Read more about the importance of online reputation management, or contact your local Zurich Account Executive for more information.

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