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Time is money when it comes to a total loss

At a glance

  • A major loss can occur within a matter of hours
  • Customers can lose business to competitors unless they have a plan in place
  • Zurich has teamed up with disaster recovery provider First Recovery who can get customers operational within 24 hours of an incident

Businesses only have a few hours to respond effectively to a major loss, such as a fire or flood damage, if they want to retain customers and contracts, and safeguard their future. Unfortunately, few have put appropriate plans in place to do so.

Should a customer suffer such an incident, they may also face greater problems than simply finding new offices. The longer they are out of action, the more their competitors will be able to take advantage of the situation as well as potential business.

 First recovery

In the event of a disaster, First Recovery can provide:

  • Emergency alternative premises in any one of over 500 office locations around mainland UK
  • An event manager who will arrange and oversee the service delivery on site
  • IT technicians who will install a PC network of either 6 or 12 workstations as designated
  • Reinstatement of email service
  • Internet access
  • Redirection of telephone lines

For more information, visit First Recovery’s website

To ensure your customers are back on their feet and ready to trade within 24 hours of a loss, Zurich has teamed up with First Recovery.

First Recovery accesses an extensive database of the UK’s serviced offices. Once it receives notification of a loss, it immediately sources the most suitable location, reserves the appropriate space and pays the required deposit.

First Recovery also holds a stock of IT hardware with pre-loaded and licensed software. It will deliver the necessary equipment to the serviced office, and set it up to create fully functional workstations for staff.

Similarly, it will redirect phones to the new office and, where there is a large volume of calls to handle, First Recovery offers a UK call centre that can provide the requisite support.

Staying ahead of the competition

What this means is that, within a day, your customers are operational and senior management can be speaking to customers, renegotiating contracts and fulfilling outstanding product and service obligations.

“Whether businesses suffer a fire or flood, which are the two most common perils, or something else, they have to react quickly,” said Paul Jackson, chief executive at First Recovery.


“In some instances, businesses tell us they have called customers only to find competitors have already been in touch. If it were not for our service of getting clients operational, they say they would not have been able to maintain their commercial relationships following the loss and subsequently sustain the business successfully in the months after it.”

It is, therefore, essential for you to stress to your customers just how quickly a loss can escalate if the reaction to it is slow. This service helps you make businesses more resilient to major losses and adds significant value to customer relationships.

Complete data storage

First Recovery also offers data back-up to companies, providing 20GB of compressed data storage for free. Using this service prevents any issues around reinstating the data and makes sure it happens quickly and easily.

In many instances, clients tell us they have called customers only to find competitors have already been in touch.

Paul Jackson, chief executive, First Recovery

Too often, backed up data is corrupted or inaccessible due to incompatibility issues. Using First Recovery’s solution avoids such problems.

Keeping a record of usernames, passwords and software license keys will also help speed things up, as will accurate records of telecoms, email providers and details for the respective account managers.

An effective insurance programme is just one aspect of surviving a loss and being able to recover from it quickly.

How a business responds in the immediate aftermath is critical to its chances of long-term survival. By teaming up with First Recovery, Zurich is offering you and your Corporate customers access to a service that will have them operational within 24 hours and improve those chances dramatically.

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For more information, get in touch

Dave Christy | National Corporate Development Manager | 07768 421 005

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