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SME Risk Index: What it can mean to cheer up SMEs

At a glance

  • The latest Zurich SME Risk Index looks at the risks that employee stress can cause UK companies

After several years of challenging economic times, workforce absenteeism, stress and low morale have become big problems for UK SMEs. That’s according to the latest Zurich SME Risk Index, polled by YouGov, which shows that nearly a third of UK SMEs believe these workforce issues are now having an impact on their business performance.

Of these problems, stress is said to be the greatest factor – after five years of extremely challenging economic pressure – with two in five reporting a negative impact on their business.

On top of that, 19% report a rise in workforce absenteeism over the past two years. It seems that morale is on a downward slope.

However, there is hope on the horizon, with the prospect of a stronger economy and business expansion creating opportunities. Brokers who take the time to understand the full range of SME risks, especially those accompanying rapid expansion, will be in a better position to position themselves to reap the rewards.

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