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SME Now and Future: Protecting your public face

At a glance

  • We’ve teamed up with Insurance Age to sponsor the SME: Now and Future series
  • The series examines how the SME market, across all sectors is changing and developing
  • In this article we discuss the importance of online reputation for SMEs

It is one thing having a dissatisfied client running a business down to a friend in the pub; it is quite another if they air their grievances to the world on social media. But many SMEs just do not pay enough attention to these online conversations.

Up to 40% of SMEs do not monitor what people are saying about them online, according to research from Zurich’s Risk Index. It is hardly ground-breaking to link positive customer reviews to increased sales, but a lot of SMEs have not taken the time to find out how they are perceived online.

Reputations can be won or lost at tremendous speed in the social media world, and brokers are a key part of the fight to help SME clients protect how they are perceived online.

Click here to read the full article on Insurance Age.

You can find out more about our SME products and services in our interactive guide, or for more information, speak to your local Zurich contact.

Article originally created and published by Insurance Age 3 May 2017. All rights reserved.
Image © Getty

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