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Responding to customers’ needs for home insurance

At a glance

  • Zurich’s re-launched Home Solutions product meets consumer demands for higher limits
  • It is a crucial investment in both Zurich’s claim department and with the broker community
  • Find out how the Home Solutions 2 product offers higher-limit insurance for customers

Insurance customers are like any other consumer in that they want the best possible deal, and more for their money. To meet this demand, Zurich is re-launching their Home Solutions 2 product with new higher limits.

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The last 10 years has seen the Personal Lines market shift dramatically, with supermarkets and aggregators offering consumers what they perceive to be as better deals. But as Ian McManus, Head of Personal Lines, Broker, explains, this is not often the case.

“In the event of any loss, you would only get the claims paid for the contents you have. However, as most consumers generally don’t know the exact cost of their contents, many simply prefer to get as much coverage as possible – just in case. The consumer mind-set is all about high limits and getting the cover they need as easily as possible – and that is what the new Home Solutions product does.”

Helping brokers find the right coverage

With brokers serving as Zurich’s largest distribution channel, it is essential that Zurich’s personal lines products, and their cover limits, meet the needs of their customers.

It’s all about making the entire process as simple as possible for the broker

Ian McManus, Head of Personal Lines, Broker

“It’s all about strengthening our existing product, as well as making the conversation easier,” says Ian. We constantly review our products and listen to feedback to ensure they meet the needs of our brokers and customers. We want to make the entire process as simple as possible for the broker.”

In response to this demand, as well as how consumers buy their insurance, Zurich has re-launched its Home Solutions 2 product, as part of Zurich Personal Lines’ on-going investment into the broker channel.

“It is all part of on-going efforts to enhance and update our products in order to help brokers thrive in this fiercely competitive market,” says Ian.

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www.zurich.co.uk/whychoosezurich | plbroker@uk.zurich.com

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