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Chaos in the kitchen: Cooking related fires soar by 114% during Great British Bake Off

At a glance

  • Great British Bake Off (GBBO) sparks 114% increase in claims for cooking related fires in UK homes
  • Accidental damage claims in the kitchen also rise by 40% during the period in which GBBO airs
  • Average claim is more than £11,000 for cooking blazes and almost £1,700 for kitchen mishaps

Zurich have found a 114% increase in claims for cooking related fires whilst the Great British Bake Off airs.

The GBBO is inspiring amateur bakers across the country, but this has led to smoke in the kitchen as Brits perfect their Paul Hollywood showstoppers. Zurich’s claims analysis also revealed a 40% increase in accidental kitchen damage, from ruined work tops to smashed hobs.

For fans whose efforts to recreate the pastry perfection seen on screen go flat, the average cost of repairs is more than £11,000 for burnt baking attempts and almost £1,700 for kitchen accidents.

Phil Ost, Zurich home insurance expert said: “The Great British Bake Off is an institution, it has created a nation of bakers and this should not be discouraged. That said, the kitchen can sometimes be a recipe for disaster and, for aspiring pastry chefs, it’s vital to ensure you have the right cover and protect your kitchen against potential damage. At the end of the day, a soggy bottom is better than a burnt one and a lighter wallet!”.

Top tips to stay safe in the kitchen

  1. Never leave your cooking unattended and ensure someone always has an eye on your rising bakes
  2. Check that the hob and cooker are fully turned off after use and avoid burnt buns
  3. Keep tea towels and cloths a safe distance away from the cooker
  4. Clean off fat and grease from the hob – which can spark a fire
  5. If a pan catches fire:
    • Don’t try and tackle the blaze yourself or move the pan
    • Turn off the heat if you can do so safely
    • Never throw water on the fire – this can make it bigger
    • If you have a safety fire blanket use this to keep the fire under control
    • Get everyone out of the room, shut the door and call 999

For more information, please speak to your usual Zurich contact.

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