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Small high street businesses are evolving

At a glance

  • Many high street small businesses are diversifying their offerings, but may not fully understand the implications on their insurance needs
  • SMEs are often keen to insure their premises, however, damages can be worse than simply the bricks and mortar
  • As SMEs diversify it is important for brokers to take the lead on ensuring a full and accurate account of their business activities

The needs of SME businesses are continually evolving due to changes in traditional high street needs. This has spurred a need for brokers to focus on truly understanding their clients’ needs ensuring they have the right cover in place.

With a growing range of key perils and a developing ‘slips and trips’ claims culture SMEs could be left vulnerable if they not fully understand the coverage they require. This is where brokers can provide value by assessing the coverage required within a small high street business to prevent potentially crippling claims.

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Our Shop & Salon products for small businesses accommodates a wide range of trades and activities. Brokers can access these products either through ZTrade or Acturis.  You can find out more about our SME products and services in our interactive guide, or for more information, speak to your local Zurich contact.

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