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The next generation of engineering risk management

At a glance

  • Crimson, Zurich’s online reporting tool, can help your engineering customers manage their risk
  • Provides fast access to reports following an inspection of an item
  • Identifies potential issues using data collected by Zurich’s experts

Zurich’s enhanced online reporting tool, Crimson, can help brokers’ customers to manage risk across their businesses

Zurich’s Engineering expertise

  • Zurich is one of the largest in-service inspection bodies directly employing more than 500 field staff across the UK and it has a track record stretching back over 90 years
  • Local knowledge and industry expertise is vital to an effective risk management programme
  • By partnering with Zurich you enjoy access to a powerful and global network of highly-trained technical experts in many fields and industry sectors working to consistent national and international standards

With over 10,000 customers set up on the system and 300,000 reports going through it every month, Crimson is a valuable source of engineering inspection data. The information is retrieved from inspections of customers’ plant machinery and equipment by Zurich’s experienced engineer-surveyors and helps to highlight any plant that may have serious defects.

Crimson’s user-friendly interface provides engineering reports across all customers’ locations allowing for a consistent overview of risk within their business. It also allows the customer to ready their resources for any identifiable workplace risks and to prepare follow-up actions should they be needed.

“It’s a simple-to-use, internet-based tool that is widely accessible by our teams of surveyors,” said one Crimson customer. “The reporting icons are very useful and the report facility is user-friendly and provides an accurate audit trail.”

PDF reports can also be created allowing data, graphs and tables to be shared easily across the business. Email notifications of new reports can also be compiled allowing maintenance teams to see information as soon as it becomes available.

For Zurich’s larger customers with several national locations, Crimson makes it easier for them to access online reports and use this information in conjunction with their own data to help spot specific risks within their business before they create a problem.

Customers who have used Crimson have been able to act quickly by spotting risks and issues early, therefore diverting disaster, improving employee safety and saving money.

“By highlighting life-threatening risks, we can mobilise resources quickly,” said another customer. “Crimson helps the welfare of our employees, as well as generating financial benefits.”

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