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The Global Risks Report 2019

At a glance

  • We are proud to have contributed to The Global Risks Report 2019 as part of the World Economic Forum
  • The 14th edition of the Global Risks Report identifies and discusses the many challenges and key risks presented in the year ahead
  • From rising geopolitical and geo-economic tension to the human side of global risks, we look at some of the key highlights

Is the world sleepwalking into a crisis? The 14th annual Global Risks Report highlights intensifying global risks alongside a lack of collective will to tackle them – in fact, divisions are hardening.

In particular, this year’s report looks at the following risks and how they are causing concern:

  • Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are the most urgent risk in 2019, with 90% of experts saying they expect further economic confrontation between major powers in 2019
  • Environmental degradation is the long-term risk that defines our age, with four of the top five most impactful risks in 2019 related to climate
  • Rapidly evolving cyber and technological threats are the most significant potential blind spots, we still do not fully appreciate the vulnerability of networked societies
  • The importance of the geopolitical and geo-economic changes that are underway should not distract us from the human side of global risks. For many people, this is an increasingly anxious, unhappy and lonely world, with anger rising and empathy declining.

Download the full report and executive summary here:

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