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How technology is transforming small fleet risks

At a glance

  • As technology is driving change at a phenomenal rate, fleet owners are more able to improve efficiency and risk management
  • "The technology that’s coming through now is ramping up all the time" - Nick Blacknell, Motor VM & Engineering Manager, Zurich
  • We explore how these advances in technology are impacting small fleet owners with Insurance Business

Within the motor space, technology is driving change at a phenomenal rate, providing new ways for fleet owners to improve efficiency and risk management.

As a result, both brokers and insurers can work on keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to how SME clients can utilise the emerging offerings. Nick Blacknell, Motor VM & Engineering Manager at Zurich discusses the impact technology is having.

Read the full article with Insurance Business.

Our Small Fleet policy is designed for businesses that have a vehicle Fleet of between 3 and 20 vehicles, and is available online via ZTrade, making it quicker and easier to deal with the risks face by small fleet companies.

For more information, please contact your local Zurich Account Executive.

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