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Take a tour of Zurich’s innovative engineering lab with our photo gallery

We take a look at Zurich’s innovative facility in the West Midlands, where a range of materials-testing services are carried out for insurance and inspection customers, as well as directly for businesses.

From tensile testing and hardness surveys, to bend tests, corrosion analysis, impact testing and more, Zurich’s engineering laboratory offers quality-control services required in the process of testing and certifying materials. Experts are on hand to advise customers on how to make their manufacturing processes more efficient, and failure analysis can be provided to determine the cause of breakdown of plant or equipment.

The lab also witnesses, tests and issues a range of welding qualifications for customers who require these services to be provided by government-approved organisations. Turnover at the facility is increasing, and will this year look to exceed £2 million, 80% of which comes from welding procedures and qualifications testing.

On site investigations, on items such as lifts, are carried out by the technical field-based teams, with any failures being shipped to the lab for investigation.

Our gallery focuses on just one element of the lab’s work – welding.

Image © Getty

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