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How Zurich Private Clients handle motor claims

At a glance

  • Zurich Private Clients World Class* claims service explained
  • How our claims service supported a customer after an accident
  • Our infographic explains the First Notification of Loss motor claims experience

When it comes to Zurich Private Clients motor claims, our claims handlers take care of the entire process from when the client phones to say they’ve had an accident to arrangement of the recovery and inspection of the vehicle, to liaising to get the repairs completed and arranging a suitable replacement vehicle. This can all happen in a matter of hours or in some cases, even minutes.

In the case of a total loss, the handler would arrange for the vehicle to be inspected and then either arrange the settlement to be paid or for a replacement vehicle to be supplied. Again, this can happen very quickly and the settlement funds can sometimes be transferred to the client within 24 hours.

The client is kept informed at every stage of the process to ensure they are aware of any updates to their claim.

The claims team operate based on the four pillars below:

  • Trust – building trust with our brokers and clients
  • Speed – refusing to allow anything to hinder the ability to deliver great client outcomes
  • Flexibility – empowered to be flexible and to make quick, common sense decisions
  • Expertise – multi-skilled expert handlers in Motor, Home and Travel who only deal with Zurich Private Client claims

Great client outcomes

Here’s one of the few claims that we have resolved:

  • A third party lorry changed lanes and hit one of our client’s Audi A8 making it un-drivable and a hire vehicle was requested. The following day, knowing that the client was interested in buying a Range Rover Sport as his next car, we arranged for one to be delivered to the client as his replacement vehicle, whilst his own was being repaired. Both the client and broker were delighted with this arrangement.

To simplify and explain the First Notification Of Loss motor claims experience we have created an infographic that shows every stage of the process

FNOL motor claims infographic

*According to Fred Reichheld, creator of the Net Promoter System (NPS), companies who receive a NPS score above +50 are deemed world class, Zurich Private Clients achive an overall net promoter score of +74

Image © Getty

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