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The value of real-life court judgments

At a glance

  • Discover the most significant judgments currently impacting on the industry
  • Use these real-life court cases to educate your customers on potential dangers

Zurich Insider is proud to unveil Legal Matters, a new section of the website which equips brokers with real-life cases to highlight potential dangers to their customers.

Legal Matters will lift the lid on the most significant judgments from across the courts. This information can help brokers and your customers to keep up to speed with the latest regulations and, as a result, their own professional responsibilities.

Whether it is informing customers to review their risk management procedures or protecting their reputation from potential scandal, Legal Matters, is able to provide brokers with real-life court cases, so that they can learn from the mistakes of others.

Cold, hard facts

“Brokers need to have these conversations with their customers,” said John Paul, Head of Marketing, Commercial Broker at Zurich. “For many of these companies, the outcome of having, or in some cases not having, the correct form of insurance was the difference between success and failure.”

The first case study from Legal Matters will be essential reading for brokers working with customers in the construction and engineering industries, as it looks at the case of Sutton v British Telecommunications, which saw the claimant claim damages for hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis, which he alleged was caused by the defendant’s negligence.

The second case looks at Cooper v Bright Horizons Family Solutions where the claimant stated that a nursery cot was responsible for back problems she received whilst working as a nurse for the defendant.

For upcoming court judgments, check out Legal Matters.

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