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How Northenden Golf Club rose from the ashes

At a glance

  • Northenden Golf Club’s business plans went up in smoke after a fire to its clubhouse ravaged the building
  • Zurich provided temporary facilities for the golf club, as well as subsidised membership fees to retain its customer base and attract new members
  • The brand new clubhouse was opened in July and we sent Zurich golf ambassador Jamie Donaldson along to help with proceedings

Founded in 1913, Northenden Golf Club is situated on the banks of the River Mersey, five miles south of Manchester city centre.

Unfortunately, during the early hours of Sunday 19th October 2014, Northenden Golf Club experienced a fire which destroyed the clubhouse. The ravaged building lost almost a century’s worth of history and memorabilia in one hit – as well as key sources of income for the golf club.

With the support from Zurich’s major loss team, the claim was resolved and a brand new clubhouse was built in its place – officially reopening on July 19th 2016. Not only did Zurich help with providing a totally new clubhouse, we also built temporary facilities to help ease the burden of losing out on business and potentially lose its membership – a core form of revenue for the club.

Losing members was a great concern to club chairman Roland Harris – especially with four rival golf clubs in a five-mile radius. To supplement Northenden Golf Club in its time of need, Zurich helped subsidise the club’s lowered membership fees to maintain the club’s membership levels – and, in this case, membership levels actually increased thanks to cheaper rates and the temporary facilities put in place.

Zurich representatives were present for the grand reopening ceremony and Zurich golf ambassador Jamie Donaldson was on hand to mingle and play a round of golf with guests in a four-ball tournament to celebrate this new chapter in Northenden Golf Club’s history.

Find out more about Zurich’s golf sponsorship here.

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