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How Zurich International Programmes supports customers through the claims process

At a glance

  • An increasing number of medium-sized businesses are introducing international elements to their operations
  • Zurich International Programmes provides customers with a seamless, consistent and reliable claims service across multiple territories
  • This infographic explains how Zurich International Programmes supports customers at every stage of the international claims process

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Useful definitions

  • Non-Admitted permitted: If ‘non-admitted’ insurance cover is permitted, insurers are able to provide cover from the insured’s host country.
  • Financial interest (FInC) clause: A contingency included in the master policy when insurers are not permitted to provide cover from the insured’s host country.
  • Difference in limits (DiL) clause: Provision within a master international insurance programme that provides cover for the difference in limits between a local and master international policy.
  • Difference in conditions (DiC) clause: Provides expanded coverage for some risks not covered by standard insurance policies.

While international markets can provide fantastic avenues for growth, they can also open up new exposures, from natural catastrophes to political, social and economic risks.

To negotiate these challenges, Zurich offers a range of International Programmes – full-service solutions that are specifically tailored for UK companies with international risks.

Our international programmes enable seamless collaboration between our UK teams and our local offices and partners, to eliminate gaps in cover and provide a smooth and reliable claims service.

This infographic explores how Zurich International Programmes supports customers, from the initial report of a claim, through to final disposition.

For more information, please get in touch with your local Zurich contact.

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