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Clear on our claims commitment

At a glance

  • Zurich Commercial makes a formal commitment to claims standards, including target timings in which to meet customers’ claims expectations
  • The Rule of 3 approach to claims is a set of behavioural principles that ensures claims are handled with consistent speed and efficiency by Zurich
  • The Zurich Commercial Claims Commitment is the culmination of a five-year programme to create an outstanding claims service and experience

When it comes to claims handling, the expectation from commercial customers and their brokers has never been higher.

Companies want – and need – their claims managed and settled more quickly, simply and clearly. And yet they anticipate the claims process to be difficult, protracted and fraught, with insurers seeking reasons to reject the claim.

Zurich Claims Covered Brochure 2016

Over the past five years, Zurich has created the conditions for a much simpler and effective claims process, including specialist business claims teams, an end-to-end file ownership process and appointing experts to large and complex claims.

This combination of challenges has led to the new Zurich Commercial Claims Commitment, a detailed set of customer pledges – based on the principles of ‘speed, simplicity and clarity’ – that businesses can expect when making a claim with Zurich.

Claims commitment

And Zurich’s Rule of 3 claims principles are instilled across the company’s hundreds of claims handlers, ensuring consistent methods of moving the claim forward quickly, satisfying customers and taking ownership and accountability.

All of this enables Zurich to meet a number of demanding measures for claims handling:

  • Answering 95% of Property or Motor claims calls within 30 seconds
  • Assigning a claims expert immediately
  • Within 24 hours, instructing suppliers to help customers’ claims
  • 90% of property claims decisions made within three days
  • 90% of agreed payments made within three days
  • 99% payment rate – paying customer claims far more often than not

Zurich’s promise

Neil Fraser, Claims Proposition Manager, Zurich UK said: “Zurich is the solid, dependable and honest company it’s always been but we are now going a step further by making an explicit commitment and aiming to provide the best claims experience for our commercial insurance customers.

“That commitment begins with the promise to always look for ways to pay customer claims rather than turn them down. It’s essential that every customer comes out of the claims process with what they believe is a good outcome.”

This good outcome, according to Neil, could be helping to keep the company in business via interim claims payments, finding alternative premises or replacement equipment while defending claims made against our customers.

Neil adds: “Even large companies with regular claims may never have been through a major loss, or had to deal with regulatory authorities such as the police or Health and Safety Executive following an injury to an employee or member of the public. We handle such issues every day and have technical experts to deploy for every eventuality that can arise.

“And during incidents such as major storms or floods, we have the capacity and planning capability to ensure our operations and our suppliers can cope with the increased claims demand.

“Customers have taken out insurance for protection when things go wrong, and that’s what Zurich is there for. But it’s not just about paying a settlement; it’s about our teams of experts getting stuck in early and ensuring the company stays in business.”

For more information please speak with your local Zurich contact.

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